The configurator

Render in a few minutes

In less than 10 minutes it is possible to define a customized layout, personalizing it in every part.
3DLab has an innovative menu that guides you professionally in the proposals to recommend to your customer.

From design to reality

It is easy and intuitive to design with 3DLab, its interface is entirely graphical. What you draw is automatically processed for the offer and for the order.

  • sections and spans are always of “free dimension”
  • wall claddings and accessories for every need
  • surfaces finishes can be customized according to your proposals

Use YOUR materials

The flexibility of FitArt’s range allows you to choose YOUR material for the proposal to YOUR customer.

According to the material you have chosen, in the thickness you decide, 3DLab will calculate all mounting accessories necessary for your project.

Simplify the management of bespoke project

Congratulations! Your customer has accepted the offer!

Once you have entered the precise dimensions of your customer’s space, 3DLab provides you with a detailed list of all components, including the cut list of the shelves, panels and suspended cabinets that will be made by you. You will have processing drawing and CAD sheets for YOUR production