Display boxes


3DBox is a suitably equipped and soundproof display for the commercial proposal to the customer.

Inside: it is a comfortable environment that puts a customer at ease, allowing him to decide quickly the final result of the project, displayed on a large-format monitor, proposed by the operator.

Outside: the exposed samples and accessories give customers the opportunity to touch the proposals with their own hands.

Dimensions of the box: cm 153 x 220 x H230

Total dimensions: depend upon the chosen samples.


Wall compositions

We propose a series of pre-configurated wall kits which, if requested, can be supplied with panels, shelves and suspended cabinets.
They can be taken as examples for the same, similar or totally customized solutions.
( The above animation represents the examples with or without wooden parts )

 The wall kits start from a minimum size of 800x1000 mm to reach any desired shape or layout.

We will be happy to provide you with all necessary assistance concerning the selection of the items to propose and the relative costs of the samples.