3dLab development

Since 2011 we have started working on a configurator to manage adequately customer requests

providing them with commercial and technical support, based on the uses of our range.
In these nine years we have developed it in a way to solve
the requests coming from the customers.

In 2020 we have simplified the choice menu that gives access

prime 500 pre-configurazioni; to the first 500 pre-configurations, thus the customers can customize their projects quickly and
The result is a new service addressed to the professional sector, unique in its kind,
able to create tailored solutions for the spaces,
compatible with all materials the professional wants to use.
The materials for the panels and for the shelves are calculated together with the hardware,
reducing the completion of the commercial proposals to a few minutes.
You will discover that 3DLab is not only a configurator, but with it,
we intend to accompany you in a new reality of custom furnishing.
You can take advantage of a slim methodology which permits you to propose solutions
with very different costs, changeable in a few steps.
You can request and you will receive new developments of customized products, combining them
with the existing ones, which will always keep you up to date with your needs and those of the market.